When you go fetch the source from subversion.tigris.org, make sure you get the matching dependencies package as well.  This is from the INSTALL file:
If you're just installing a Subversion client, the Subversion
      team has created a package containing the minimal prerequisite
      libraries (Apache Portable Runtime, Neon, and Zlib) called the
      "dependency package" tarball or zipfile.  You should be able to
      find it at the same place that you downloaded the Subversion
      tarball itself from. (Note that this is new as of Subversion
      1.4.0; previous releases packaged the dependencies in the same
      tarball as Subversion itself.)  If you don't have these
      libraries installed already, you can simply unpack the
      dependency package "on top of" the Subversion package; for
      example, if you are using a .tar.gz bundle on Unix, you could

          $ tar xzvf subversion-1.x.x.tar.gz
          $ tar xzvf subversion-deps-1.x.x.tar.gz
          $ cd subversion-1.x.x

      This will place 'apr', 'apr-util', 'neon', and 'zlib'
      directories directly into your unpacked Subversion distribution,
      where they will be automatically configured and built by
      Subversion's build process.

      Note: Because previous builds of Subversion may have installed older
      versions of these libraries, you may want to run some of the cleanup
      commands described in section II.B before installing the following.
I had to run those cleanup commands, which as shown in section II B:
sh autogen.sh
because I had some lingering stuff from previous build attempts
Then all I had to do was
./configure --with-ssl
make install
and I was able to check out stuff from our URL.
My SVN build on cmf2 is in /root/subversion-1.4.6 and contains the overlaid dependencies package.