The new version of collective.plonetruegallery brings a lot of improvements both within the code and visually. This article will just highlight some of the advantages the 0.8 series brings and introduce some images to help you see the improvements.


  • No more Gallery type = getting prepared for dexterity
  • custom gallery and display type story is much improved so it is very simple for people to add on to the product
  • the classic display type is removed
  • the addition of fancybox and highslide display types
  • more visually pleasing through out
  • un-intrusive
  • Collections are now supported!
First thing, in any folder or collection, change to the "Gallery View" 
apply gallery
Once the "Gallery View" is selected, a "Gallery Settings" tab is enabled. You can clicked there to start customizing your gallery.
The default display type for galleries is Slideshow 2 now. 
slideshow 2
This release also contains Fancybox display type with batching.
and finally, Highslide
For more information, check out the pypi entry.