On this server, I run my web site and a few free sites that I do for friends and family. Previously, I was just running a zope instance for Plone and a couple separate Paste served apps. It is also running Ubuntu and nginx on a Linode shared host.


While working with a client on Deliverance and repoze.zope2, I realized it was about time to eat my own dog food and implement the new technologies on my own server. Since I've done a lot of the implementation and research for my client already, it was pretty easy to move over to the new setup. The setup was closely borrowed from Martin Aspeli's uber bulidout in the plone collective svn. Here are some quick notes on updates of the setup:

  • repoze.zope2
  • Deliverance
  • wsgi
  • nginx
  • new site design themed with Deliverance
  • everything built using buildout include lxml and nginx
  • move to zeo cluster with only one back end. This allows me to attach debug instances to the zeo server and turn one client on while the other is restarting.
  • Zine blogging software built in
  • supervisor managed - supervisor allows you to monitor processes and http servers. It includes starting and stopping processes, tools to monitor the memory and availability and a web server to monitor them.



Overall, it was a great update. The only thing I'm concerned about is the size of my virtual host, which only has 512 MB of RAM right now. So far it seems to be holding up okay, but I'm not running Varnish or load balancing(I don't get that many hits)....