Last night I decided to take some time to move this site over to Plone 4. The repoze.zope2 build I had previously was buggy and I am starting to dislike Deliverance a bit.


  • the search didn't work because of this migration issue
  • old file types aren't migrated to blob
  • archetypes don't want to use the new add views--should probably report this
  • If you have the jquery UI package installed, it'll mess with some of Plone's JS for some reason--I just disabled it.
  • some other control panel entries and menu items were not fully migrated, still pointing to old templates



  • FAST--running this on a linode with 512MB of ram. 2 zeo clients and with CacheSetup, this thing is very fast. Much faster than Plone 3.
  • Just more polished than Plone 3--with usability enhancements and a new theme, it's great.
  • I haven't found a product that wasn't compatible with Plone 4 yet--although, sometimes I needed to do some digging or use an svn checkout to get the compatible version