It's been a long time since I've made a blog post and this still I thought I'd try a webcast. Well, not really a webcast but a video demonstration of some of collective.plonetruegallery's features. collective.plonetruegallery was one of my first projects for plone and has matured over the years now with lots of help from the community.

New Features

  • New gallery display type integrations(supports 8 total now)
    • galleria
    • nivo slider
    • nivo gallery
    • pikachoose
    • s3slider
  • Better inline gallery support
  • Gallery portlet can now show full gallery(useful when using in conjunction with Content Well Portlets)
  • Products.Collage support

Documentation for installation and installing different display types can be found on pypi and

The music choice doesn't quite fit for the video. Sorry folks, I didn't know what else would be appropriate. It's better than silence :)