During the Plone conference I put on a UI sprint. We had about a dozen participants and it was vastly successful in getting people into the fold and recruiting people to help out on the Plone UI team.

Unified reference browser widget/contents browser

Roché Compaan, Dylan Jay and Tom Gross(and maybe others?) worked creating a unified content browser widget. Initially, they were just going to repurpose archetypes.referencebrowserwidget to work with formlib and z3cform. Hopefully, after getting direction from Alexander Limi, it was decided we needed an overarching content browser widget that could be used for folder contents, field widgets and anything related to browser for content on the site.

After a lot of discussion and planning, they started working on a [contents browser prototype](http://static.nathanvangheem.com/plone-conf-2012-ui-sprint/clickdummies/contentfinder/index.html) that'll we'll get testing for later.

Improved Content Rules UI

Thomas Desvenain and Vilmos Somogyi worked on implementing the https://dev.plone.org/ticket/13152 ticket. They did a lot of great work and am almost done implementing the ticket.


We also had a meeting with Alex Limi getting everyone on the same page with Deco. Rok is about to make a new release soon but the UI will evolve into something quite a bit different yet as how the UI functions is still yet not where we want it and we haven't integrated much of the CMSUI features.


  • plone.app.controlpanel template fixes(Thijs Jonkman)
  • UI Guidelines(me)
  • Deco prototype, more on this later

For all of those that I have forgotten to mention, my apologies.

UI Team

I've started the UI team back up again. Some of the team's initial goals are:

  • providing feedback for plips and implementations
  • guiding Deco's UI
  • revamping existing Plone UI
  • be able to give definitive UI guidelines to plone developers

We've had our first meeting and started to get things kicked up. We have a great group of people and I'm excited to see what we get done.


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The UI team has decided it is very important to get user feedback early on the Deco UI. One of the things I worked on was a [new deco prototype](http://static.nathanvangheem.com/plone-conf-2012-ui-sprint/clickdummies/future-deco/), mostly a combination of Rob's work and Rok's toolbar.

UI Testing

We're looking to kick off a more formal UI testing process for any new components entering Plone. The most obvious candidates being Deco and the new contents browser widget being developed.

Long term, we'd like to have UI testing guidelines and a framework for allowing any number of organizations to facilitate UI testing to help Plone get feedback on new features.