Bulk content editing

The new folder contents will greatly improve the productivity of your content editors with features like:

  • bulk uploading
  • drag and drop ordering
  • folder rearranging
  • cut, copy, paste, delete, rename
  • bulk tagging
  • bulk workflow management
  • bulk metadata editing

Barceloneta Theme

Plone 5 ships with a beautiful new theme, modern theme.

  • Responsive
  • HTML5
  • Modular: splits various parts of the theme into reusable less files for you to include in your own themes
  • Easy to customize with less


The new toolbar is a great improvement. The left side placement(default) works well with the navigation with most themes and helps provide a consistent look and feel across all plone sites. Additionally, it is easier for themers as they don't have to deal with an edit bar in the middle of their content. It also doesn't affect the vertical placement of content when users are viewing the site so the site anonymous look and feel will more closely resemble what the current user is seeing.


Default events support is great in Plone 5 with out of the box recurrence support, new page layouts and portlets.

Developer Goodies

In addition to all the great end-user goodies Plone 5 comes packed with, it also contains many improvements from a developer perspective

  • Security: automatic CSRF protection at the database layer
  • Multi-lingual: built-in to core
  • Dexterity: shipped content types are now dexterity which is a pleasure to work with
  • Modernized JavaScript/CSS: Plone 5 has begun to transition to modern JavaScript technologies utilizing RequireJS, LESS and Bundles.
  • plone.api shipped: plone.api makes add-on development much easier to work with