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Migrate from Flickr to Picasa Script with Resize

#! /usr/bin/python # # requires flickrapi and gdata # # It's a little ugly, but it is heavily tested and works! # # # import flickrapi, StringIO import gdata import import from getpass import getpass from urllib import urlretrieve from tempfile import mkstemp from threadpool import ThreadPool, WorkRequest import os import sys, os.path, StringIO import time import gdata.service import gdata import atom.service import atom import from shutil import copyfile from PIL import Image from import GPHOTOS_INVALID_ARGUMENT, GPHOTOS_INVALID_CONTENT_TYPE, GooglePhotosException video_too_large_save_location = os.path.join(os.path.sep.join(__file__.split(os.path.sep)[:-1]), 'picasa_videos') if not os.path.exists(video_too_large_save_location): os.mkdir(video_too_large_save_location) class VideoEntry( pass = VideoEntry def InsertVideo(self, album_or_uri, video, filename_or_handle, content_type='image/jpeg'): """Copy of InsertPhoto which removes protections since it *should* work""" try: assert(isinstance(video, VideoEntry)) except AssertionError: raise GooglePhotosException({'status':GPHOTOS_INVALID_ARGUMENT, 'body':'`video` must be a instance', 'reason':'Found %s, not PhotoEntry' % type(video) }) try: majtype, mintype = content_type.split('/') #assert(mintype in SUPPORTED_UPLOAD_TYPES) except (ValueError, AssertionError): raise GooglePhotosException({'status':GPHOTOS_INVALID_CONTENT_TYPE, 'body':'This is not a valid content type: %s' % content_type, 'reason':'Accepted content types:' }) if isinstance(filename_or_handle, (str, unicode)) and \ os.path.exists(filename_or_handle): # it's a file name mediasource = gdata.MediaSource() mediasource.setFile(filename_or_handle, content_type) elif hasattr(filename_or_handle, 'read'):# it's a file-like resource if hasattr(filename_or_handle, 'seek'): # rewind pointer to the start of the file # gdata.MediaSource needs the content length, so read the whole image file_handle = StringIO.StringIO( name = 'image' if hasattr(filename_or_handle, 'name'): name = mediasource = gdata.MediaSource(file_handle, content_type, content_length=file_handle.len, file_name=name) else: #filename_or_handle is not valid raise GooglePhotosException({'status':GPHOTOS_INVALID_ARGUMENT, 'body':'`filename_or_handle` must be a path name or a file-like object', 'reason':'Found %s, not path name or object with a .read() method' % \ type(filename_or_handle) }) if isinstance(album_or_uri, (str, unicode)): # it's a uri feed_uri = album_or_uri elif hasattr(album_or_uri, 'GetFeedLink'): # it's a AlbumFeed object feed_uri = album_or_uri.GetFeedLink().href try: return self.Post(video, uri=feed_uri, media_source=mediasource, converter=None) except gdata.service.RequestError, e: raise GooglePhotosException(e.args[0]) = InsertVideo def clear_input_retriever(setting): return raw_input( + ":") def passwd_input_retriever(setting): return getpass( + ':') class Setting(object): def __init__(self, name, default=None, input_retriever=clear_input_retriever, empty_value=None): = name self._value = default self.input_retriever = input_retriever self.empty_value = empty_value @property def value(self): while self._value == self.empty_value: self._value = self.input_retriever(self) return self._value FLICKR = None picasa_username = Setting('Picasa Username(complete email)') picasa_password = Setting('Picasa Password', input_retriever=passwd_input_retriever) flickr_api_key = Setting('Flickr API Key') flickr_api_secret = Setting('Flickr API Secret') flickr_usernsid = None def flickr_token_retriever(setting): global FLICKR global flickr_usernsid if FLICKR is None: FLICKR = flickrapi.FlickrAPI(flickr_api_key.value, flickr_api_secret.value) (token, frob) = FLICKR.get_token_part_one(perms='write') if not token: raw_input("Press ENTER after you authorized this program") FLICKR.get_token_part_two((token, frob)) flickr_usernsid = FLICKR.auth_checkToken(auth_token=token).find('auth').find('user').get('nsid') return True def get_gd_client(): gd_client = = picasa_username.value gd_client.password = picasa_password.value gd_client.source = '' gd_client.ProgrammaticLogin() return gd_client def do_migration(threadpoolsize=7): print 'Authenticating with Picasa...' gd_client = get_gd_client() print 'Authenticating with Flickr..' flickr_token = Setting('Flickr Token', input_retriever=flickr_token_retriever) token = flickr_token.value # force retrieval of authentication information... sets = FLICKR.photosets_getList().find('photosets').getchildren() print 'Found %i sets to move over to Picasa.' % len(sets) def get_picasa_albums(id, aset, num_photos): all_picasa_albums = gd_client.GetUserFeed(user=picasa_username.value).entry picasa_albums = [] id = id.strip() orig_id = id for i in range((num_photos/1000) + 1): if i > 0: id = orig_id + '-' + str(i) picasa_album = None for album in all_picasa_albums: if album.title.text == id: picasa_album = album break if picasa_album is not None: print '"%s" set already exists as an album in Picasa.' % id else: picasa_album = gd_client.InsertAlbum(title=id, summary=aset.find('description').text, access='protected') print 'Created picasa album "%s".' % picasa_album.title.text picasa_albums.append(picasa_album) return picasa_albums def get_picasa_photos(picasa_albums): photos = [] for album in picasa_albums: photos.extend(gd_client.GetFeed(album.GetFeedLink().href).entry) return photos def get_photo_url(photo): if photo.get('media') == 'video': return "" % (flickr_usernsid, photo.get('id'), photo.get('originalsecret')) else: return photo.get('url_o') def move_photo(flickr_photo, picasa_album): def download_callback(count, blocksize, totalsize): download_stat_print = set((0.0, .25, .5, 1.0)) downloaded = float(count*blocksize) res = int((downloaded/totalsize)*100.0) for st in download_stat_print: dl = totalsize*st diff = downloaded - dl if diff >= -(blocksize/2) and diff = 100*1024*1024: print 'File "%s" of set "%s" larger than 100mb. Moving to download directory for manual handling. ' % (flickr_photo.get('title'), picasa_album.title.text) copyfile(filename, dest) os.close(fd) os.remove(filename) return print 'Uploading photo %s of album %s to Picasa.' % (flickr_photo.get('title'), picasa_album.title.text) if flickr_photo.get('media') == 'photo': picasa_photo = else: picasa_photo = VideoEntry() im = if im.size[0] > 2048 or im.size[1] > 2048: im.thumbnail((2048, 2048), Image.ANTIALIAS) picasa_photo.title = atom.Title(text=flickr_photo.get('title')) picasa_photo.summary = atom.Summary(text=flickr_photo.get('description'), summary_type='text') photo_info = FLICKR.photos_getInfo(photo_id=flickr_photo.get('id')).find('photo') = = ', '.join([t.get('raw') for t in photo_info.find('tags').getchildren()]) picasa_photo.summary.text = photo_info.find('description').text if flickr_photo.get('media') == 'photo': gd_client.InsertPhoto(picasa_album, picasa_photo, filename, content_type=headers.get('content-type', 'image/jpeg')) else: gd_client.InsertVideo(picasa_album, picasa_photo, filename, content_type=headers.get('content-type', 'video/avi')) print 'Upload Finished of %s for album %s.' % (flickr_photo.get('title'), picasa_album.title.text) os.close(fd) os.remove(filename) threadpool = ThreadPool(threadpoolsize) for aset_id in range(len(sets)): # go through each flickr set aset = sets[aset_id] set_title = aset.find('title').text print 'Moving "%s" set over to a picasa album. %i/%i' % (set_title, aset_id + 1, len(sets)) print 'Gathering set "%s" information.' % set_title num_photos = int(aset.get('photos')) + int(aset.get('videos')) all_photos = [] page = 1 while len(all_photos) 0: album.numphotosremaining.text = str(int(album.numphotosremaining.text) - 1) p_album = album break req = WorkRequest(move_photo, [photo, p_album], {}) threadpool.putRequest(req) threadpool.wait() if __name__ == "__main__": print """ This script will move all the photos and sets from flickr over to picasa. That will require getting authentication information from both services... """ do_migration()